International Trade and Business Services

Issatis is a well-established international trade company and business service provider, located in Toronto, Canada and Adelaide, Australia. Throughout years of experience, Issatis has turned into a global business leader with its primary activities in Export/Import and extensive services in negotiation, financing and logistics. We stand out from competition by offering an exceptional service and customer support to facilitate international trade activities.

Using our global network of partners and contacts, we ensure to explore new opportunities and provide quality products at competitive prices in different industries. We tailor our services and approach to meet our international clients’ needs in all sectors and sizes. We are dedicated to help your business prosper. So let us smooth your path through the world market!


Issatis, as an intermediary between sellers and buyers in Export and Import markets, offers the following services to businesses in all sectors and of all sizes.



The expertise and in-depth knowledge of our staff enable us to provide raw materials, parts, machineries, final goods and services to different industries and markets.



We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.